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Train interior

The CAST-FORM® technique is an excellent tool to give your products enough impact resistance to be used in train interior. In order to increase the passive safety a 40 mm. edge for train tables is considered. Using the CMet de CAST-FORM® technique a 40 mm. thick edge can be applied easily to a thinner table panel.

Office and school furniture

An impact resistant polyurethane edge applied using the Met de CAST-FORM® technique is a very good tool for school and office furniture. KROV BV can work with any edge design and even create an ergonomic edge for an office desk.

Shop fitting

With the CAST-FORM® technique, KROV BV can also serve its customers with more technical oriented solutions. For examples please look into the webpage miscellaneous.


Using the CAST-FORM® KROV BV can also serve a great number of more technical applications. We have casted armrests for military vehicles, air inlets in EPS based sandwich panels and a housing for a sensor box in EPS based sandwich panels as well as a surface on a grip of steel.

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CAST-FORM polyurethane specialists

KROV BV and CAST-FORM® are strongly connected. In Varsseveld, the Netherlands, KROV BV was founded in 1988 and always processed polyurethane based on its patented CAST-FORM® technique. The CAST-FORM® technique gives the possibility to work with any design and all RAL and NCS colors can be processed even in fire resistant applications as train interior and aircraft interior.

Download our brochure

We prepared a special brochure for you so you can get a good idea what are the possibilities with the CAST-FORM® by KROV:


Download the English version of our Corporate brochure through the link below:

  • Corporate brochure

Our Corporate brochure is also available in other languages:


  • The CAST-FORM® edge can be designed as a ergonomic edge to office desks with an increased impact resistance.
  • The CAST-FORM® edge creates a high impact resistant edge onto doors in hospitals and institutes. Besides the impact resistance also hygiene and cleanability are very good served by a CAST-FORM® edge.
  • The CAST-FORM® edge can, without any real preparation, be casted onto sandwich panel.
  • The CAST-FORM® edge is, applying the right design, reducing your operation costs by easy cleanability and makes it possible to work within the HACCP regulations.
  • The CAST-FORM® edge applied to a back panel of the train seat or a train table meets the fire resistance demands. This edge gives your product a very high impact resistance and gives also the possibility to create a 40 mm thick edge to a thinner panel.
  • The CAST-FORM® technique gives also the possibility to create other products with an impact resistance application, covering axes and transfer LED light strips to a diffuse light line.

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